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Badass Digital Nomads

Oct 4, 2022

After a divorce and moment of clarity, Canadian expat Karen Espig decided to make drastic changes in her life. She retired early and moved from Canada to Albania to lower her cost of living and pursue her love for art full-time. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however, as she struggled with culture shock and adapting to...

Sep 27, 2022

Why record numbers of Americans are leaving the US for Europe. Plus, Kristin’s thoughts on global immigration and details on Spain’s new digital nomad visa. Find out how you can live in Spain for up to five years. 🇪🇸


Episode 174 Special Offers: 

Sep 20, 2022

Kristin speaks with a self-made digital nomad who left his blue collar job in Canada to become a financially independent entrepreneur in Costa Rica. Learn how Andrew transitioned from working for the railroad and coast guard to becoming a nomadic/expat online business owner.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t...

Sep 13, 2022

Charlotte Gray traded her corporate job and commute for an idyllic lifestyle as an expat in The Netherlands, working for Mercedes Benz. However, when she moved back home to London during the pandemic, she struggled to cope with reverse culture shock and work-from-home burnout. That's when she decided to move...

Sep 6, 2022

Ever wondered what life in Portugal is like? Listen in as Kristin welcomes back Josh and Kalie from Expats Everywhere to talk about what it’s like to live in Portugal as a family of expats. 

Learn why the moved to Portugal, what the cost of living and quality of life is like, how to get the D7 visa, and much more.