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Badass Digital Nomads

Mar 29, 2022

Should you move to Hungary? 

In the 150th Episode Anniversary of Badass Digital Nomads, 🎉 🍾 Kristin breaks down what you need to know about the Hungarian White Card long-stay visa permit for digital nomads, remote workers, retirees, and investors. She explains the cost, application requirements, time for approval,...

Mar 22, 2022

It's been two years since Covid-19 changed the world as we know it. Kristin reflects on what she's learned during this challenging and crazy time. She also explains how it's changed her outlook and deepened her understanding of the world - despite not having left home.

“Time is on the side of change.”

– Ruth Bader...

Mar 15, 2022

Is the Romanian Digital Nomad Visa worth applying for? Kristin breaks it down for you in this Digital Nomad Visa deep dive! 

Plus, now you can get access to Kristin's summary of digital nomad and remote work visas in 46 countries in the new Digital Nomad Visa Database

Normally $47, podcast listeners can get access for...

Mar 1, 2022

Kristin reflects on the war in Ukraine, how travel helps you learn more about history, and how to use a global crisis as motivation to help change your life and the world for the better. 

"If a thing is humanely possible, consider it within your reach." - Marcus Aurelius 

"Always look for the helpers." - Mr....