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Badass Digital Nomads

Apr 26, 2022

Kristin wants to hear from you! Fill out this short Google Form (only 4 questions) to share what you're struggling with and what you want to hear more of in the podcast.

Bonus: Respond by May 3, 2022 and register to win a free consultation with Kristin!


 Episode 154 Special Offers: 

Apr 19, 2022

Kristin speaks on a variety of topics, including why she quit YouTube (and when she’ll be back), the situation in Ukraine, and how to overcome fear and burnout in life.


 Episode 153 Special Offers: 

Apr 12, 2022

Do you ever really fit in with the locals in a foreign country? Kristin explores the answer to this question through the fascinating story of a famous chef who moved to Japan (and what happened next).  

Note: This episode includes some profanity.

Episode 152 Special Offers: 

Apr 5, 2022

Want to learn a new language and fit in with foreign cultures? Kristin shares how she learned Spanish in one month and how you can become fluent in another language - fast.

Plus, her tips on living with locals abroad and how to learn a language from home (if you can't travel yet). 


Episode 151 Special Offers: